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IBAM's WHL Memorial Cup Contest Winner

The winner of the contest was: Jocelyn – and her story of her trip to the Memorial Cup!

IBAM's WHL Memorial Cup Contest Winner IBAM's WHL Memorial Cup Contest Winner IBAM's WHL Memorial Cup Contest Winner IBAM's WHL Memorial Cup Contest Winner IBAM's WHL Memorial Cup Contest Winner IBAM's WHL Memorial Cup Contest Winner

Well, we made it back to Winnipeg on Monday evening. We had an exciting trip to the Memorial Cup. It didn't hit me that the hotel you advised we would be staying at was Caesars, like the Caesars in Vegas, until we were heading to the hotel and you could see the gigantic hotel from far away. What a beautiful hotel and casino. They also get a lot of amazing shows at the Colleseum and Trevor Noah happened to have a show on Friday night. I am not a big fan of his so I didn't go but it sure was exciting staying at this hotel & casino.

We went shopping on the evening that we got there and I ended up finding a steal of a deal: a $285 parka for $50! Thanks to my spending money, I snagged that jacket immediately.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to the WFCU centre to watch our first of 2 games. What a beautiful arena! And I should mention that we had fantastic seats. We also were driven to and from the game but our accreditation allowed us to get rides to wherever it was we were going. That was really, really nice! It felt like I had a personal limo driver. We met lots of different people who were riding with us, to and from the games. I met a scout for the Brandon Wheat Kings, we drove with some of the tournament players and even some of the executive from the hockey teams. We definitely met some VIP's!! Everyone was really nice, including the drivers. During every ride, everyone would ask who we were here to see and I proudly told everyone that we had won the trip through one of the partners, IBAM.

Many years ago, Hiram Walker created the Walker distillery. He employed many people, owned the houses they lived in, the stores they shopped at and even the banks where they cashed their cheques. Unfortunately, the distillery is now owned by a Japanese company and they have shut down the tours as of March. The town is fighting to get the tours back but the Japanese company has no interest in the history of the area; they just want to sell the product.

There was a Rum Runners tour happening on the Sunday and luckily, there was still room on Saturday and we were able to book seats for the tour. You learn about the prohibition years and the people that smuggled liquor into the US during that era. It was a 5 hour tour, including a lunch at a restaurant, resembling a Speakeasy. It was very interesting to learn about this era as I had no idea about this history and how 80% of all the liquor taken into the USA during prohibition was done in the Windsor-Detroit area.

We then headed to the WFCU to watch the 2nd game we would attend. It was very fun to attend the games. There were jerseys from many different teams and not just the final four in the tournament. It was fun meeting people from different areas of the country. It was disappointing that Seattle wasn't playing at their best but it was exciting to be a part of this tournament. It was still high calibre hockey!!

I haven't had time to download my pictures but i will send them to you tomorrow night. I would like to shout out a huge Thank You for a great contest and making our travel arrangement seem effortless. What an honor it was to win this trip. We had the time of our lives! THANK YOU!!

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