Caleb Dobson

Caleb Dobson - Young Brokers Network member - IBAM
My career as an Insurance Broker did not begin of my own volition but through the encouragement of an inspiring friend. I was skeptical. Originally I was unconvinced I could get into this type of work and unsure of how my character would suit the industry. Thankfully I had supportive teammates, mentors, and some exceptional clients who brought comfort and resolve to my abilities. Within a few months I found myself continually blown away by my own achievement.

It has now been a few years since obtaining my General License, my Level II, and I love it. I help advise during some people’s most exciting life moments; from insuring their new acquisitions, business ventures to their travel. When my clients experience difficultly, challenges or loss, the guidance I provide makes a big difference for them. I think being an empathetic broker in every moment brings tangible value to the important work we do. As a Fine Arts Graduate and a former Residential Care Facility Manager, I have learned that kindness, patience and good listening go a long way.

When I’m not busy basking in insurance paradise, my partner and I enjoy outdoor activities all year. Summertime holds some gardening, biking, tennis, and all things lake. We travel at every opportunity and try to support the Arts and local talents of Winnipeg. When it starts to get cold, we curl in a league, do the odd river-walk, and enjoy the snow. Sometimes outside is scary in Manitoba so we hide inside, have dinner parties and survive on a healthy amount of Netflix, Crave, Hulu, iTunes movies, and cable TV.