Miranda Matheson | IBAM - Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba

Miranda Matheson

I joined the insurance industry in 2012 at the behest of a broker friend who had nothing but positive things to say about insurance as a career path.

I don't think many people start off their lives with the intention of wanting to work in insurance. Kids often want to be athletes, teachers, or maybe astronauts. What is so wonderful about being a broker is that we are a part of every industry & a part of everyone's dreams and aspirations. We provide a global service, and our careers our limitless. So while I may not be that athlete you see on the ice or field, I had a small part in bringing that persons' dream to life, and for me, that is a true pleasure.

I started with Special Risk Insurance Managers in the Spring of 2015 and am thrilled to be a part of such an incredible team.

I love that we are constantly growing and evolving as brokers, and that no two days are the same. I have met some amazing people in my few years in the industry, and have been mentored by some outstanding women. I have to thank the YBN for helping me connect with fellow brokers & company professionals, and allowing me to flourish under the tutelage of my predecessors.

In my free time, I can usually be found with my friends, family, pup (Chowder) and cat (Max). In summer I'm usually out camping, swimming, or barbecuing up a storm. In winter I tend to hide indoors with a good book, good movie, or trying (keyword 'trying') my hand at an arts & crafts project.