Reginald Turnbull

Insurance has always been an influential and integral part of my life. My father, Ray Turnbull, started in the insurance business in 1962 being sponsored by Wawanesa and going on to establish Ray Turnbull Insurance. In 1983 he teamed up with his close friend and the product of this union created Turnbull-Whitaker Insurance; the original company has been around for over 50 years. Although my father introduced me to the logistics and inner workings of insurance, my family had more than one prodigious catalyst for my eventual career choice in the industry. My sister, Lori King, joined the company and rose through the ranks to eventually become partner. Her tenacious ability in the industry was an inspiration and contributed to my choice for insurance as a vocation. She was also a contributing element for my keen interest in being involved with the YBN committee. Lori – who retired in 2017 from the business – was very involved with IBAM and was president in 2013.

After I enrolled into the University pursuing a degree in Sociology and Psychology, my original plan was to pursue broadcasting. I eventually changed directions when I started doing insurance. I began working at Turnbull-Whitaker Insurance in early 2013 and became the vice president of the company in September 2017. Raymond Turnbull, the lion and fearless leader of TWI passed away in October 2017 making me acting president of the company.

My hobbies include reading and watching / playing a variety of sports (curling, hockey, golf, squash) and enjoying the social elements of life. In fact, the socialization aspect – client-broker/ broker-broker relationships – is my favorite part of the industry and I look forward to continue building strong ties and keeping Winnipeg the tightknit city that has marked its legacy.

I am very fortunate to have the supportive team at TWI (Team Turnbull-Whitaker) and great mentors in my life to help me realize and strive to be the highest level of myself. My common law partner – Erica Hersey – who has been in the industry for five years – joining TWI when Ray passed away – has been integral to the transition and is a constant reminder of how life is great.