Stephen Bullaro

Stephen Bullaro
The original plan growing up was to be an auto mechanic, but after doing a 2 year program through Winnipeg Technical College, that plan went out the window. Instead I attended Red River College and enrolled in their business administration program. It is in this program that I found my career path. I have always wanted to help people so becoming an insurance broker seemed like the perfect fit for me!

I don't think many people start off their lives with the intention of wanting to work in insurance. Kids often want to be athletes, teachers, or maybe astronauts. What is so wonderful about being a broker is that we are a part of every industry & a part of everyone's dreams and aspirations. We provide a global service, and our careers our limitless. So while I may not be that athlete you see on the ice or field, I had a small part in bringing that persons' dream to life, and for me, that is a true pleasure.

I joined Wyatt Dowling Insurance Brokers in February 2015. Being an insurance broker has been a great experience. In this industry you get to meet new people everyday. The social aspect of this job is one of my favorite things because we are fortunate enough to get to know your clients and be apart of milestones in their lives and it becomes more than just a transaction. I joined the YBN in 2017 as a way to become more involved in both the insurance industry and our communities.

My hobbies include watching movies, playing video games, playing indoor and outdoor soccer. I am a huge fan of superheroes and anime, so going to the local Comic Con conventions is always something I try to get out to. My bucket list includes going to San Diego Comic Con and going to Italy.