2021 IBAM Really Virtual Conference

Recharge | Reconnect | Rejoice | Repeat

April 27 & 28

Really Virtual Conference

Thank you for joining us at the 2021 IBAM Really Virtual Conference! It was great to Recharge, Reconnect, Rejoice and Repeat some of our conference favourites with all of you. Thank you to all of our members, partners and industry friends for joining us, sharing some great conversation and laughs, and to our partners for sponsoring many of the events and prizes.

Please note: CEC information will be sent up to 2 weeks following Conference. If you have any questions please contact the IBAM Office.

To catch what you miss:


April 27, 2021

9:00-10:45 am: IBAM AGM
IBAM Broker Members Only | Worth 1 CEC* | IBAM AGM Prize Sponsor: CAA Insurance | AGM Online Experience Sponsor: Intact Insurance

11:00 am-1:00 pm: IBAM Graduate Award’s Lunch with IBAM President, Brett McGregor
Sponsored by Portage Mutual Insurance

Pull up a chair and help us Rejoice in the accomplishments of the 2020 and 2021 CAIB and CPIB Graduates! Hear from the new IBAM President, Brett McGregor and guest speakers while watching your colleague’s accomplishments on the screen! Then, catch the 2020 and 2021 FOI Highest Mark and the 2020 and 2021 CAIB Highest Mark recipients special mention and don’t miss your chance to win the Graduate Award’s Lunch Prize!

Full ticket holders can support local and order their favourite dish with their included lunch voucher!*

*Full Conference ticket holders have a $30 lunch voucher gift card included with their registration

Lunch vouchers sponsored by Red River Mutual Insurance

Company Breakout Sessions

April 27, 2021

Recharge and Reconnect with some of your favourite companies in the afternoon while they present a variety of interesting, relevant and unique topics, all while gaining CEC’s!

In addition, attend sessions and increase your chances to win a Weekend Getaway for Two!

Prize Opportunity

Every full-registration pass holder who attends a company breakout session has the opportunity to win a 2-Night Weekend Getaway for Two at one of the following resorts:

Elkhorn ResortFalcon TrailsLakeview Hecla Resort

Plus $500 in spending money for dinners and activities!
Prize sponsor: SNAP Premium Finance

Each Company Breakout session is worth one entry so the more sessions you attend, the greater your chances to win!

1:00-1:50 pm – Company Breakout Session 1 – hosted by Wawanesa Mutual Insurance
Worth 0.5 CEC*

Topic: Commercial Insurance

More information coming soon!


2:00-2:50 pm – Company Breakout Session 2 – hosted by CAA Insurance
Worth 0.5 CEC*

Topic: The Importance of Wellness in the Workplace

We know wellness should be top of mind, but what does wellness mean and how does it impact your day-to-day interactions with your clients?  Join CAA Insurance and our Wellness Consultant, Joanna Marra, as we take a 360-degree exploration of Wellness in the insurance industry.   Learn to recharge through simple actions, and reconnect to your health and wellbeing by understanding the physical and mental impacts of stress.  You’ll discover ways to rejoice in the little things through connection with your clients and meditation.   And, you’ll leave with actions you can repeat, anywhere, any time.


3:00-3:50 pm – Company Breakout Session 3 – hosted by Portage Mutual Insurance
Worth 0.5 CEC*

Topic: Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance are always an interesting topic of debate! This seminar will discuss the appropriate use if certificates and elaborate on how to complete the standard CSIO and Accord certificate.


4:00-4:50 pm – Company Breakout Session 4 – hosted by SGI Canada
Worth 0.5 CEC*

Topic: Cyber Crime: The Invisible War

  • 85% of all emails are spam
  • 1 in 50 emails contains malware or viruses
  • 1 in 99 emails is a phishing attack

With stats like these, how do you protect your business? How do you counsel your client to protect their business?

Ransomware and Business email Compromise cost Canadian businesses hundreds of millions of dollars each year and that number is growing exponentially. The threat from cyber-crime is a real one, but there are ways to reduce the chance of becoming a victim. The best way is through education and prevention.

With the move to virtual and digital transactions due to the pandemic, the risk of cyber breach is much more prevalent than ever before. Join SGI CANADA and guest speaker Chris Mathers as we explore who exactly the bad guys are, how they operate and choose their targets and, most importantly, how you can reduce the threat to your employer, your business, and your client’s business, by identifying vulnerabilities and training others to be vigilant to protect themselves, and hopefully prevent becoming the next headline.

Young Brokers Network7:00-8:30 pm: Virtual Networking Event – Enigma Escapes Virtual Gameshow Party
Hosted by Young Broker Network | Sponsored by AVIVA Canada

Join us in the evening for an opportunity to connect with your peers in a relaxed and fun setting! Engage in some friendly competition while solving a series of puzzles and tasks in a team. Teams will be assigned randomly the night of so you will have a chance to meet and bond with new people and build your network!

The winning team will be awarded individuals prizes, courtesy of FIRST Insurance Funding and Optimum Insurance, and one lucky grand prize winner will win a Nintendo Switch, courtesy of IBAM and SGI CANADA!

April 28, 2021

9:00-12:00 pm: Insurance Executive’s Panel
Hosted by Peter Tessier | Worth 2.5 CEC’s* | Sponsored by IBC

Start Day 2 off right with a series of discussions with the industry’s top insurance executives! With a twist on the traditional panel discussions, this is an event you do not want to miss!


  • Hard Market and Capacity
  • Market Efficiency
  • Insurance Operations


Check out the panelist’s bios in the Spring edition of the IBAM Magazine, out now!

2021 IBAM Conference Speakers - moderator, Peter Tessier; Aviva Canada CEO, Jason Storah; CAA Insurance Group President, Matthew Turack; Intact Insurance Executive Vice President, Debbie Coull-Cicchini

2021 IBAM Conference Speakers - Manitoba Public Insurance President & CEO, Eric Herbelin; Peace Hills Insurance President & CEO, Kathy Boychuk; Portage Mutual Insurance President & CEO, John Mitchell; Red River Mutual Insurance President & CEO, Brian Esau

2021 IBAM Conference Speakers - SGI Canada President & CEO, Andrew Cartmell; Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance President & CEO, Shelley Willick; Wawanesa Mutual Insurance President - Canadian P&C Operations, Carol Jardine; Wynward Insurance Group President & CEO, Darryl Levy

12:00-1:00 pm: Lunch Break with Big Daddy Tazz
Sponsored by Wawanesa Mutual Insurance

Over your lunch break, unwind and share a laugh while Big Daddy Tazz inspires you with his story.

About Big Daddy Tazz

Big Daddy TazzOften described as “one of the most talented comics in the business,” Big Daddy Tazz has been delighting crowds at fundraisers, corporate events, festivals and on television for more than twenty years. Known as the “Bi-Polar Buddha”, Big Daddy Tazz is an equal parts comedian and motivational speaker who likes to enlighten, educate and inspire. As a result, his one-man shows have drawn rave reviews and standing ovations from coast-to-coast.

His appearances have included the prestigious Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, the Moncton Comedy Festival and the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, for which he annually multi-tasks as a writer, producer and performer. His Gala performances at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival over the years can be seen frequently on CBC television and the Comedy Network. In 2008 he broke the world record for the longest continuous stand-up comedy show at 8 ½ hours.

Big Daddy Tazz tours the country speaking on Good Mental Health, Bullying and Customer Service. For the last 14 years, Big Daddy Tazz has brought forth light and laughter for those living with mental Illness, by raising awareness that stigma affects all of us. With his newest endeavour “Stand Up Against Stigma” Tazz believes that it is time to educate, embrace, and empower everyone so that we can all stand tall and give stigma a bad name!

Full ticket holders can support local and order their favourite dish with their included lunch voucher!*

*Full Conference ticket holders have a $30 lunch voucher gift card included with their registration

Lunch vouchers sponsored by Red River Mutual Insurance

Repeat the Recharge with new topics and partners in an afternoon of Company Breakout Sessions!

1:00-1:50 pm – Company Breakout Session 5 – hosted by Intact Insurance
Worth 0.5 CEC*

Topic: The Digital Customer Experience: Join us on the Journey

Our industry experts will discuss how digital has been shaping the customer journey, and how you can reap its rewards. You will learn about the current digital landscape, the forces driving its rapid adoption, and how you can harness its benefits and opportunities to grow your business and service your customers.

Jacob Singh, Regional Vice President, Prairies, Intact Insurance
Chris Reid, Vice President, Digital Distribution, Intact Insurance


2:00-2:50 pm – Company Breakout Session 6 – hosted by Red River Mutual Insurance
Worth 0.5 CEC*

Topic: HR: Then and Now, Navigating Through Change

Learn more about Human Resources by understanding the changing talent landscape and trends, as well as tips and tricks you can use to strengthen your HR strategy and objectives to build a strong and engaged workforce to attract and retain talent.


3:00-3:50 pm – Company Breakout Session 7 – hosted by Peace Hills General Insurance
Worth 0.5 CEC*

Topic: Equipment Breakdown Tech Plus Coverage is Working for You

Learn more about Human Resources by understanding the changing talent landscape and trends, as well as tips and tricks you can use to strengthen your HR strategy and objectives to build a strong and engaged workforce to attract and retain talent.


4:00-4:50 pm – Company Breakout Session 8 – hosted by AVIVA Canada
Worth 0.5 CEC*

Topic: Cross Border Insurance Solutions in Commercial Lines

Be confident to do business south of the Canadian border knowing you’re protected… If you insure your Canadian-based business with us and you’re thinking of expanding your commercial operations to the U.S., or you’re already there, we can help.

In the session we’ll discuss key coverage and placement topics such as: What is the difference between admitted and surplus lines, how do I choose a correspondent broker in the USA and does my client need a DIC/DIL endorsement on their Canadian policy?

6:00-7:00 pm: Virtual Networking Hour

Reconnect and Rejoice with the industry! Join the Association for an hour of socialization and prizes, brought to you by a variety of our Insurance Partners!

Prizes to be won:

  • $200 Gift Card to GoodLocal – courtesy of Manitoba Blue Cross
  • Apple Gift Basket – courtesy of Wynward Insurance Group
  • “Beat the Blues” Treat Box (in support of WICC) – courtesy of Travelers Canada

7:00-8:00 pm: IBAM Virtual Concert with William Prince
Sponsored by Peace Hills General Insurance

Finish off the evening with world-class songwriter and entertainer – William Prince!

About William Prince

William PrinceFor his eagerly-awaited sophomore album, songwriter William Prince begins with the single word, Reliever, which informs a collection of exceptionally rendered explorations of what, who and how peace is found. Relievers come in all forms; for Prince, it is song. With its emphasis on words and confidently unfussed accompaniment, Reliever puts Prince’s gift for sparking powerful emotions of both personal and communal relevance at the fore. A masterclass in skillful simplicity, Reliever works a generous and profound kind of magic.

Prince’s influences and references, from the gospel of his childhood to Christopher Wallace’s sermons of a different sort, the pantheon of classic outlaw country singers, baseball and the great beyond, shape Reliever into a collection that approaches the big questions with humility and curiosity. At the edge of the ocean, between father and son, from stranger to lover, the album flows through the places and moments where real connections and healing happen.

To make Reliever, Prince reconvened with producers Dave Cobb in Nashville and Scott Nolan in Winnipeg, the team behind his JUNO Award-winning debut and subsequent Glassnote Records reissue, Earthly Days. With the song “Breathless” Earthly Days introduced Prince’s poignant philosophy and rich baritone to the world. Prince’s trajectory from Peguis First National in Manitoba, Canada, to opening for Neil Young, has seen the relative newcomer find esteem and career-changing opportunity wherever he performs.

Check out a demo of his music here!

Links to the sessions will be sent to all registered attendees closer to the event date to the email address used to register for the event.

To stay up-to-date on the event, check out the Spring edition of the Manitoba Insurance Broker (released in March 2021) and follow us on social media: @IBAManitoba.

And Stay Tuned! We are hoping to bring back even more of everyone’s Convention favourites later in the year!

We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding during this uncertain year. If you have any questions or inquiries please contact the IBAM Office.

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