CCIB – An Introduction

The CCIB is the highest designation awarded by Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC). The designation denotes a professional standard of excellence towards which all insurance brokers may strive. The CCIB sets a standard of quality to merit public recognition throughout Canada and to ensure that the independent broker will continue to flourish.


Why Professionalism?

Business means competition. Therefore, it is essential to be seen as a leader in the establishment of high standards of technical competence, knowledge and service.


Candidates for the CCIB designation must be, at the time of registering for the examinations, employed by a property and casualty insurance brokerage who is a member in good standing of a member association which is and continues to be a member of IBAC. The right to use and maintain the CCIB designation shall only continue if the membership status is maintained.

The occupation of the candidate must be primarily that of a property and casualty insurance broker.

The candidate must have a minimum of five consecutive years experience in the insurance industry.

The Examinations

The designation is awarded upon the successful completion of three examinations wherein the candidate is challenged on his/her practical knowledge of property and casualty insurance coverages available in the marketplace. The candidate must also have comprehensive understanding of the Statutory Conditions, Insuring Agreements, Policy Conditions and Legal Concepts. The exams are as follows:

Essay Style Questionnaire

This 3 1/2 hour examination contains ten essay style questions concerning all aspects of property and casualty insurance. This examination will test the practical application of the student’s technical knowledge to case study situations. Risk management analysis skills are also examined.

Short Answer Questionnaire

This 2 hour examination contains short answer questions covering all areas of property and casualty insurance. This examination will test the technical knowledge of the candidate.

The two written questionnaires are a prerequisite to the final examination. All candidates must successfully complete both examinations prior to registering for the final exam.

Final Examination

OPTION 1 – Oral Examination:

This 1 1/2 hour examination is the closest “true to life” test a professional property and casualty insurance broker can challenge in Canada. Candidates prepare an insurance proposal based on client information provided. They will be orally tested by a panel on the proposal they have presented. The questions asked will be both from a client and underwriting perspective.

OPTION 2 – Survey Examination:

This 5 hour examination is an open book exam. Candidates prepare a written survey based on an insurance proposal from a client’s perspective. The case-study will outline the risk in detail, including all information necessary for the preparation of a comprehensive proposal.

Exam Preparation

Preparation materials and registration information will be provided by the Association.


August 5, 2016
(Register before: September 7, 2016)

October 28, 2016
(Register before: December 7, 2016)



Essay Questionnaire Short Answer Questionnaire


Final - Oral Exam


Final - Written Survey Exam


If successful in the examinations, and if elected by the IBAC Board of Directors to be awarded the use of the designation of “Canadian Certified Insurance Broker”, I hereby certify that I meet the prescribed qualifications, that I am an employee of a property and casualty insurance brokerage and that I agree to abide by such other requirements as outlined in the Terms of Reference (See IBAM for copy) and as may be established by the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada and the Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba from time to time as they see fit.


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