Brio Insurance Promotes Holiday Spirit

Every year, Brio Insurance St. Mary’s sponsors Marlene Street Community Resource Centre which hosts a holiday party for under-privileged families. Annually around Christmas, the Brio team will go to the party. In a normal year, the Brio team will bring Santa Claus to the event and provide pictures with him for the children, collect used clothing, toys, etc. and placed them on tables for families to take what they need, provide gift bags for the children with treats and toys and provide breakfast in the morning of the event.

This year, due to COVID, the Brio team were unable to attend or host the party. Instead, they bought around 100 gift bags for the families in need and delivered them during the Holiday Season.

Brio Insurance - 100 Gift Bags Brio Insurance - 100 Gift Bags

Modified from the IBAM & SGI CANADA 12 Days of Giving promotion.

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