BSI’s 12K’$ of Christmas

For BSI, being an insurance broker is much more than advocating for their customers and clients when they submit a claim. It is far more than finding them the right insurance for their specific needs, and more than providing exceptional service when comes the time to renew their policies. Being a broker is about CARE. At BSI Insurance, they CARE.

As 2020 was a year that was filled with fear, uncertainty, and loss, the need to support anything local grew. Just as the second wave started to roll in, BSI Insurance knew that they wanted to do more. This is when they created the 12K’$ of Christmas, a campaign that was focused on local causes, such as food banks, local charities, non-profits, schools and daycare centres, etc. The idea was to donate $1000 per day, to local causes for the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

The BSI team sent out a call to action to the residents of Manitoba to nominate their local cause. In just 10 days, they received over 200 submissions and as expected, the hardest part of the campaign was choosing the final recipients. It wasn’t an easy task for their team to accomplish as there were so many deserving causes, however they were very happy with their selections.

The winning recipients of the 12K’$ of Christmas were:

  • 1st K of Christmas ($500 Pembina Valley Pregnancy Care Centre / $500 Pembina Valley Child Care Centres Inc.)
  • 2nd K of Christmas ($500 Niverville Helping Hands Ministry / $500 Steinbach Helping Hands)
  • 3rd K of Christmas ($1000 Rhineland Food Bank)
  • 4th K of Christmas ($500 Carman Handi-Van Corp / $500 TLC Daycare)
  • 5th K of Christmas ($1000 Emerson Food Bank)
  • 6th K of Christmas ($1000 Pembina Counselling Centre)
  • 7th K of Christmas ($500 Safe Families Steinbach / $500 St. Malo Fire Department)
  • 8th K of Christmas ($500 Manoir Somerset Manor / $500 Paroisse Saint-Leon)
  • 9th K of Christmas ($1000 Soup’s On)
  • 10th K of Christmas ($1000 North End Women’s Centre)
  • 11th K of Christmas ($1000 Accueil Kateri Centre)
  • 12th K of Christmas ($1000 Nor West Co-op Community Health)

“We would like to thank everyone for submitting their nominations during the 12K’$ of Christmas. If your cause was not picked, we strongly encourage you all to apply for our Because We Care initiative that we run every year, where we donate $25 000 back into our local communities, are now being accepted.”

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Modified from the IBAM & SGI CANADA 12 Days of Giving promotion.

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