Gill & Schmall Agencies gives back to their Community

On the weekend of July 01st the Neepawa community was hit hard by severe rain and extreme flooding. Due to the nature of this disaster, the lake in that community developed a breach and caused extensive flooding. The community rose to the challenge and everyone pitched in with sand bagging, and disaster relief to help the local residents.

At the forefront of this help was Neepawa’s volunteer fire department and local council.
Gill & Schmall Agencies decided that they needed to help in some way to get these people back on their feet and also recognize the assistance the fire department gave to their community.

While most of the Gill & Schmall staff was involved in sand bagging during the flood, the staff also thought they could help some people financially.

In partnership with 3 of Gill & Schmall Agencies’ insurance companies, the brokerage donated $2,750 to the local fire department to help purchase water rescue equipment.

Also, in partnership with the two local hardware stores, and Gill & Schmall’s insurance providers, they set up a $7,500 credit ($500 per family), that people could use to purchase sump pumps, cleaning supplies etc. to help them get their home back in shape.

“It is important that we step to the front of the line, when our citizens need our help.”

Modified from the IBAM & SGI CANADA 12 Days of Giving promotion.

Gill & Schmall Agencies gives back to their Community

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