Lakeview Insurance is an Everyday Hero

Through Variety Manitoba, Lakeview Insurance started one its biggest initiatives yet; participating in the Everyday Hero program. Variety is a children’s charity that has a vision of being the premiere children’s charity in Manitoba that raises sustainable funds to provide help and hope to children of all abilities, one child at a time. The Everyday Hero program allows individuals or groups to donate on a monthly basis towards a child. These funds are then used towards a specific child to help pay for support, programs, therapy, rehab, etc., depending on their condition or disability.

Lakeview Insurance signed up to be an Everyday Hero and their monthly donation goes towards their sponsor child here in Winnipeg that is in need of financial support. The Lakeview team collects money for their sponsor child twice a month, usually tied to a theme day at the office. Staff and Management alike participate by dressing up in that theme. In order to “break dress code” for that day, a small donation is required. That donation is then pooled together, matched by Lakeview Insurance, and donated to Variety where it goes directly to help their sponsor child.

The Lakeview Team submitted the follow quote about the initiative:

“This is a brand-new program for us at Lakeview and we are so excited to find a way to bring our staff together, have some fun, and do a lot of good for a kid who deserves it. In a year where it seems like there is lots of negativity in the world, this is one small thing we can do to be an everyday hero!”

Lakeview Insurance is an Everyday Hero

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