Lewis & Jones Group Ltd. Leads by Example

Lewis & Jones Group Ltd. is an insurance brokerage located in Killarney, Manitoba that has served its community for over 70 years. This past year, the community of Killarney came together to support one another in many ways through the pandemic. One example of how Lewis & Jones Group gave back is when one of their brokers started a Facebook group to promote small, locally-owned businesses and craftspeople. Members of this Facebook group were able to promote their products, provide contact info, and share other’s posts. People could post in the group if they’re looking for anything specific and others can respond to encourage shopping local for Christmas this year. The restaurants in town were able to promote their specials for take-out or some had even made frozen meals to be cooked at home! The group already had 30% of Killarney’s population after only being active for 12 days. For anyone in the Killarney community who didn’t have an online presence, the Lewis & Jones staff offered free assistance in creating a Facebook page to help shoppers get in contact. The brokerage also purchased gift cards from vendors around town to gift to Killarney’s school staff and educators to thank them for all their hard work through this difficult time.

Modified from the IBAM & SGI CANADA 12 Days of Giving promotion.

Lewis & Jones

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