Names of 10 southern Manitoba insurance brokerages in same group vanish

Names of 10 southern Manitoba insurance brokerages in same group vanish: replaced by One Insurance
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Ten insurance brokerage names in southern Manitoba vanished this month, replaced by one.

And that’s the new name: One Insurance Group.

It’s not an overnight consolidation, though.

All 10 were already members of the Selkirk-based McMillan group but had been using their original names.

Dale McMillan started expanding the brokerage soon after taking over from his father in the mid-1990s, acquiring agencies in Teulon, Stonewall, Oakbank, Birds Hill, Middlechurch, Warren and a couple in Winnipeg.

The name change was prompted by several factors including cross-company advertising and staff mobility.

“All our advertising… we did a lot of it individually and if we did it as a group we sometimes put the two names in – it was just becoming very cumbersome,” Mr. McMillan told Thompson’s.

“People would say ‘I hear you own a bunch of offices – ‘where are they?'”

Now if the Selkirk HQ sponsors a curling bonspiel under the One name, all locations benefit.

Because of licensing rules, the new identity also frees up staff to go where they are needed.

Before if a smaller location faced a cluster of storm claims or had several staff members call in sick there was no way to send anyone to help.

Now they can be moved around.