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IBAM Exam Registration

Upon completing Fundamentals of Insurance (FOI) and Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) courses, students must write and pass an exam in order to receive their certificate. Students now have three options to choose from to write their exam; in-person, with a proctor or with a virtual proctor.

  • FOI Exams are written online and can be done in-person at the IBAM Office or with a proctor or virtual proctor.
  • CAIB Exams can be written in-person, either online or paper version, or with a proctor or virtual proctor.

In-Person Exam Information

IBAM Office Exam Dates

To write in-person at the IBAM Office, please select one of the following dates:


Online Exam Information 

Online exams can be written at the IBAM Office, with a proctor or with a virtual proctor.

Note: Students writing in person at the IBAM office do not need to register for their exam online. 

How to Register for an Online Exam with a Proctor or Virtual Proctor
Step 1

Students register for their course and exam through To register for a course, select from our Career Pathway options, select your course from the Upcoming Course options and complete your registration online. 

  • If you are already an IBAM member, please log in with your information and complete the registration form. 
  • If you are new to insurance, please create a profile and complete the registration form. 
Step 2

Students must then choose how they would like to write their exam: with an in-person proctor or virtual proctor.

In-Person Proctor

For students who choose to write their exam with a in-person proctor of their choice, please see the below nomination forms for proctor guidelines. Students must fill out one of the below Proctor Nomination forms and submit it to the IBAM office for approval. 

Once the Proctor Nomination Form is approved, students must then register themselves through Captus Press for the online exam. 

Payment by credit card is highly recommended for ease (you can either enter information or have a manager call in with the number) but cheques made out to Captus Press are accepted; however, due to the delay to process a cheque, students must give 2 weeks before they plan to write their exam.

If you do not know the date you would like to write your exam, please select one of the below exam registrations options:

Virtual Proctor

Virtual Proctor options are also now available to all students through Examity.

To choose this option, select the "Online Proctor" check box on the Captus Press Online Exam Registration page.  When your online exam registration is approved in Captus Press, you will receive an email from the proctoring company Examity to create a profile, pay their proctoring fee, and book a date/time to write your exam with one of their proctors.  Additional details on Virtual Proctoring in FAQs.

Step 3

Once you are registered for your exam through Captus Press, you must email  for any CAIB exams and  for any FOI exams – to inform them on when you are writing your exam.

CAIB Students Only: If you would like to write your exam at the IBAM office online, please contact the office and let us know your desired exam date. We will confirm if there is available space (please see IBAM Office Exam Dates above).

Step 4

Once IBAM approves  student's exam date/time/proctor, and Captus Press processes the payment, an email will be sent to the student with exam login codes. Proctors will also receive an email with their proctor codes. 

Please note: These codes are only valid for the date and time that the student has been approved to write.

Step 5

The student writes their online exam (3.5 hours for CAIB and 3 hours for FOI). To access the exam portal, please choose from the options below. 

Step 6

Students writing Fundamentals of Insurance (FOI) will know their final marks upon completion of the exam. To receive your certificate (for students who passed the exam) or view your grade, please log in to the member side of the IBAM website with your member or guest login information.

Students writing CAIB will be informed by IBAM via email of their final marks once the exam is processed. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your exam to be marked.

At any time, students may contact Captus Press with questions regarding login or proctor codes, the registration process, or technical difficulties. Support is available from 8:00 am-4:00 pm, Monday-Friday. Call 1-866-348-7888 or email 


Online Exams Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an online exam?

An online exam is an exam you take on the computer. Instead of writing the answers on paper, you will type and submit them online.

Has the structure of the CAIB or Fundamentals of Insurance (FOI) exams changed?

No, the structure remains the exact same. For CAIB, students will be asked definitions, multiple-choice, and short-answer questions. For Fundamentals of Insurance, all questions are multiple-choice. It will look exactly like the paper exam, only online.

Is the exam now open book?

No, it is not an open-book exam.

I struggle with exams and I have never taken an online exam, which makes me even more nervous.

The online platform designed by Captus Press has been in place for over 10 years and used by hundreds of students just like you who are challenging their CAIB / FOI exams. It is user-friendly and the instructions are clear and precise. There is a toll-free number provided to students in case there are technical difficulties. IBAM is also going to continue offering paper exam writes for CAIB students who do not wish to write online.

When are the online exam dates?

There are no longer specific exam dates. Instead of IBAM telling students when they can write, students will decide their exam date. The only exception will be students who do not have a Proctor and wish to write at the IBAM office as there is limited availability. Please see our he IBAM Office Exam Dates for current offerings.

Written exams were held from 9:00 am-12:30 pm, does this remain the same?

No, students now determine when they would like to write. Students can choose anytime between 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday if writing away from the IBAM office.

Does the time frame change?

No, you still have 3.5 hours to write your CAIB exam and 3 hours to write your Fundamentals exam.

Can I still take a written exam on paper?

Yes - For now, IBAM will still be offering paper CAIB exams on the 5 pre-set write days per year (Feb, May, Jul, Sep, and Dec) and Fundamentals of Insurance monthly.

Who can proctor my exam?

Per the Insurance Council of Manitoba guidelines, approved proctors include Government Administrators, Professional Invigilators (Teachers / Representatives from College or University), or Business / Medical Professionals. Insurance brokers, coworkers, family and friends are not permitted to be a proctor. A completed Proctor Nomination Form must be submitted for approval to IBAM before your Online Exam Registration will be approved.

ICM has also approved the use of a Virtual Proctor through the organization Examity.  This allows students to write when they are not able to be physically in the same room as a proctor. 

When can I expect my exam mark?

With the Fundamentals of Insurance (FOI) being a multiple-choice exam, you will see your results once you submit your exam. For CAIB, please give 2-3 weeks for your exam to be marked. 

Can I defer my online exam once I have booked it?

Since students now chose their own date, we are not accepting deferrals. In the case of an emergency, please contact the IBAM Office.

How do I pay for the online exam?

You pay directly when you register for the exam. You can choose to pay by credit card or invoice.

If you choose to pay by credit card, you can either enter the number online or call in the number. Please Note: You must call Captus Press, they will not phone you for your credit card number.

If you choose to pay by invoice, the cheque must be received and processed before you can write. If payment is not received before your exam date, you are not permitted to write.

If you have selected to write your exam using a Virtual Proctor, you will be asked to submit payment directly on the Examity website before you can schedule your exam. Please Note: Examity fees are in US Dollars.

What is a Virtual Proctor?

A Virtual Proctor is someone who monitors a student writing an online exam through the use of a camera and microphone on the students’ computer.  A person will watch the student writing the exam and, if they suspect any cheating, a video of the incident will be escalated for review to see if a cheating incident occurred.  The proctor will also ask to see your workstation and confirm your ID before you begin writing to ensure the correct student is attempting the exam.  For FAQs on our Virtual Proctor company Examity, please visit their website:

Is there a cost to use a Virtual Proctor?

Yes.  For any of our new online services, there is a cost over and above the IBAM fees to use these companies.  To use a Virtual Proctor, students are responsible for the online exam fee by Captus to gain access to the exam ($26.25) as well as the Virtual Proctor fee from Examity to use one of their proctors.  The Examity Proctor Fee is charged when you create your Examity Profile and it is an additional $36.50 USD for CAIB exams and $29.50 USD for Fundamentals exams.  All fees are indicated on the Captus Exam registration page.

What computer requirements are needed for a Virtual Proctor?

Students must write their exam on a desktop or laptop (Chromebooks and tablets are not supported) that has a built-in or external webcam, microphone, and speakers.  All of our online exams are also recommended to be on a strong dedicated internet signal to ensure no disruptions (hotspots are not recommended).  For more information on Examity's system requirements, please visit