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Sponsorship Requests

IBAM and its members are proud to support the communities with which we live and work. Please read the following requirements before submitting a request:


1. Definition:

To sponsor means to support an event, activity, person or organization either financially or through the provision of products or services. Sponsorship, unlike philanthropy, is undertaken with the expectation of a return (e.g., logo placement, speaking opportunity, exhibit space, etc). The sponsorship support and return can each be fulfilled either in cash or in kind.  Sponsorships do not include instances where IBAM has contracted with the other party, such that IBAM is paying for goods or services and as part of the contract price receives some kind of recognition or discount.


2. Criteria:

Sponsorship requests will be evaluated against the following criteria, designed to ensure that sponsorship relationships mutually benefit IBAM and the receiving organization.

The request under consideration must:

  • Be relevant and beneficial to members/broker channel of distribution
  • Fit with IBAM mission
  • Fit with IBAM strategic plan/work plan
  • Provide potential to build bridges with and influence key stakeholders
  • Highlight recognition that IBAM will receive
  • Does not create an ongoing dependency
  • Demonstrate the initiative is broad in scope (e.g. provincial, wide audience)
  • Ensure that all communication angles will reflect positively on IBAM/P&C Insurance Brokers with minimal risk
  • Disclose reputation of the requesting organization


3. Exclusions:

Requests that are not eligible for sponsorship include:

  • Party-specific political activities and organizations
  • Requests related to religious goals
  • Direct charitable donations
  • Individuals or family programs, projects or initiatives
  • Projects/products for commercial gain outside of IBAM
  • First time/inaugural events


4. Guidelines/How to Submit:

Requests must be submitted by email at least two months prior to the start of the event or project. The request must include the following information:

  • Summary of the event, activity or project
  • Description of the target audience
  • Amount of funding requested and sponsorship levels available
  • Description of marketing and promotional opportunities
  • Start and finish dates
  • Location and venue
  • Benefits to IBAM and its membership
  • Description of how the event or project fits the criteria


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