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CAIB 3 - Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker 3

CAIB 2 & 3 successful completion of these two courses qualifies the student for a Level 2 license. (This level of license authorizes the license holder to sell insurance inside and outside the office of a general insurance agency.)


A thorough examination of Commercial Lines coverage with a focus on Specialty lines.

  • Commercial General Liability - A Legal Perspective
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy
  • Commercial Automobile Exposure
  • Ocean Marine and Aviation Insurance
  • Surety Bonds
  • Risk Management

Successful completion of CAIB 2 and 3 qualifies student to apply for a level two license.

Discussion Groups

Will be formed based on applications received on or before the registration deadline. All classes are subject to sufficient enrollment, if discussion groups cannot be formed, you may take the Self Study option at no additional cost. Discussion Group classes are held once a week from 6:30 – 8:30 pm (for 10 to 12 weeks). All Discussion Group classes will be held via a virtual platform which is accessible by internet access anywhere in the world.


Provides student with the textbook, workbook, student self study guide, answer keys and practise examination.

The re-registration fee applies to students requiring more than one semester to complete a semester’s work. If the course material is revised in the re-registration semester, registrants must purchase the revised material.

Immersion Course

All Immersion Courses will be held virtually via an internet platform. Students are responsible for ensuring they have a computer to use and adequate internet access for the class. Classes are from 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday with the Exam on Monday (time TBD as exam will be held online).

Passing Grade & RIBO Credits

60% Passing Grade: Completion of each level qualifies for twelve (12) Continuing Education Credits.

RIBO Credits: CAIB 2 & 3 - 18 technical each



Discussion Group -
(exact start date TBA)

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Upcoming Courses
Date Course
available now CAIB 3 - Self Study
Sep 1, 2024 CAIB 3 - Discussion Group (Sept - Dec 2024)
Sep 16, 2024 CAIB 3 - 5-day Online Immersion (Sept 2024)
Nov 16, 2024 CAIB 3 - Weekend Online Immersion (Nov 2024)
Jan 20, 2025 CAIB 3 - 5-day Online Immersion (Jan 2025)
Feb 1, 2025 CAIB 3 - Discussion Group (Feb - May 2025)
Jun 9, 2025 CAIB 3 - 5-day Online Immersion (June 2025)