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Cheer for the same things you do, Support the same things you do and Live for the same things you do.

Insurance Brokers cheer for the same things you do Insurance Brokers support the same things you do Insurance Brokers live for the same things you do

They also live and work in your community:

  • Cheering For You;
  • Supporting You; and
  • Living For the same moments as You.

Approximately 2,600 people are employed directly at P&C insurance brokerages in Manitoba. These employees work in over 300 small business storefronts in approximately 120 communities across Manitoba.

Living in communities across Manitoba, brokers and their employees make very significant footprints in their local economies; shopping at their local grocers and stores, banking at their local bank and seeking service of local accountants, consultants, IT service providers, restauranteurs, etc. They raise their families here, further increasing their commitment and contribution to their neighbourhood. 

Altruistically, insurance brokerages contribute to their communities in many ways:

  • Over 70% of brokers volunteer in their communities;
  • Brokers contribute to an average of 16 community partners each year;
  • Over half of brokerages contribute over $10,000 to community initiatives.

Insurance Brokers understand their clientele and assist Manitoba's multi-cultural environment; with over half of brokerages conducting business in two or more languages. These languages include, but are not limited to: English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Hindi and Italian.

In 2017, P&C brokers contributed $238 Million to Manitoba's GDP and generated $18.5 Million in products and production taxes, such as federal sales tax on claims and expenses (GST), provincial sales tax (PST), retail sales tax (RST), property tax, and payroll taxes, to the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. This estimate significantly understates the total government revenue generated by the industry as it does not include corporate income tax, personal income taxes, and healthcare levies paid by member brokerages.

Insurance Brokers add jobs to the local economy. For every million dollars spent on capital and operating expenditures from member brokerages, insurance brokers in Manitoba are estimated to create or sustain 14.1 full-time equivalent employees.

When you go to a broker for all of your insurance requirements, you have someone on your side that ensures everything that is important to you is protected. You don't have to look far to find a broker who understands your needs.

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