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May-Leena Alderson

As an outstanding Insurance Broker, May-Leena Alderson goes above and beyond to advocate for her clients, ensuring that they receive the best possible insurance advice and coverage. Her personalized service, combined with her knowledge and commitment, makes her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking expert guidance in navigating the complex world of insurance. With proven expertise and experience in the insurance industry, May-Leena is a trusted source of expert advice for individuals and businesses seeking the right coverage. She takes pride in providing personalized service that meets each client's unique needs with tailored insurance solutions.

May-Leena is proud to be a member of the Young Broker Committee as it aligns with her values as a person. She continuously strives to give back to the community through acts of service and awareness campaigns.

Outside of the office May-Leena lives a busy life as a wife and mother. Her favourite things are spending time with her family, reading and art.