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Noah Derksen

In May 2023, I ventured into the insurance industry, right before completing my studies at Red River College Polytechnic. My academic journey culminated in a Marketing Major within the framework of their business administration program. Prior to stepping into the insurance industry, I had the privilege of interning alongside skilled marketing professionals at Polytech during my final year there.

Currently, my professional home is within the marketing team at BSI Insurance (soon to be known as ONE Insurance). While my current role doesn't require me to obtain a CAIB or CIP designation, I'm actively planning to pursue these designations to enhance my expertise within the industry.

The aspect of the insurance industry that truly resonates with me is its marketing facet. It's an arena where creativity knows no bounds. Crafting insurance into something captivating is a perpetual challenge, and I eagerly embrace this endeavor with the aim of engaging clients in a dynamic and enjoyable manner. Transforming consumer perspectives regarding brokerages can significantly impact our brokers' day-to-day interactions.

Beyond my regular work hours, you'll often find me immersed in my secondary jobs with the Winnipeg Jets or Landshark Lager. When I'm not absorbed in professional responsibilities, I try to live my life to the fullest. I have a love for nearly every sport imaginable, with golf holding a special place in my heart. Equally cherished is the time I spend with my wife, family, and friends.