IBAM and SGI Canada’s 12 Days of Giving Contest


Brokers, you’ve made us proud this year! When your communities have needed help during these long months of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve been there with your creativity and generosity, providing support in so many ways. We want to say a hearty “thank you” with a special pre-Holiday promotion: 12 Days of Giving.

IBAM and SGI Canada’s 12 Days of Giving Contest

Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories for the IBAM & SGI CANADA 12 Days of Giving Contest. Below are the winners and their stories on how they gave back to their communities in 2020. The grand prize winner was Gill & Schmall Agencies! They donated the $1,000 prize to the Neepawa Bird Sanctuary, an organization that had been greatly impacted by the flood in the Spring of 2020.

IBAM and SGI Canada’s 12 Days of Giving Contest Winner


Winners of the daily contest and their stories:

Ball Insurance Agency

Ball Insurance Agency is a small family agency in the heart of Transcona that loves to give back to our community. One of the things we focus on is the Transcona Food Bank. As there are so many people that need this service, we feel that it is a perfect time to give to those who need it most at this time of year.

Gill & Schmall Agencies

On the weekend of July 01st our community was hit hard by severe rain and extreme flooding. Due to the nature of this disaster, the lake in our community developed a breach and caused extensive flooding. Our community rose to the challenge and everyone pitched in with sand bagging, and disaster relief to help the local residents. At the forefront of this help was our volunteer fire department and local council. We decided that we needed to help in some way to get these people back on their feet and also recognize the assistance the fire department gave to our community.

While most of our staff was involved in sand bagging during the flood, we also thought we could help financially to some of the people. In partnership with 3 of our insurance companies, we donated $2,750 to the local fire department to help purchase water rescue equipment. Also, in partnership with the two local hardware stores, and our insurance providers, we set up a $7,500 credit ($500 per family), that people could use to purchase sump pumps, cleaning supplies etc. to help them get their home back in shape.

It is important that we step to the front of the line, when our citizens need our help.

IBAM and SGI Canada’s 12 Days of Giving Contest Winner - Gill & Schmall Agencies

Crossroads Insurance

Crossroads 12 Days of Giving – Local Shop Giveaway: On October 20th, 2020, the Marketing Team from Crossroads Insurance met over Zoom to further brainstorm our giving back campaign , which transformed from an advent calendar idea, an endeavor that started as a month of small giveaways, and was narrowed down to 12 substantial prizes to give away to our community. Though we reduced the amount of actual ‘days’ of giving, the intent of the giveaway remained as a way to give back by supporting local businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by purchasing goods and services from them for the campaign, to encourage Manitobans to shop local and provide eligible Manitobans with exciting prizes while promoting Winnipeg businesses and, mostly, to spread some local joy in what has been an unpredictable year affecting communities around the world. Once we reached out to these businesses to participate, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from businesses that were grateful to be included, we knew we were onto something great.

The initial intent was to speak with all customers in person to promote local businesses and the giveaway, however, we had to improvise as we closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Slips of paper with contest information were mailed with every transaction or receipt sent out of office. Staff were diligent in sharing the contest on social media and in conversations. Before the end of the first Day of Giving, we had over 700 entries combined on Instagram and Facebook – where we ran the giveaway. The giveaway ran until December 17th and all winners were announced the day after at noon on our social media stories. A look into the Feedback from participants that warmed our hearts were comments like “such a good idea, check out this giveaway!” and “Awesome! I’m finding so many local businesses I haven’t heard of and I’m loving it. Thank you.”

We are confident that with The 12 Days of Giving, those we reached in the community will be motivated to shop and give locally this year and in the future.

Lewis & Jones Group Ltd.

Our community has come together to support one another in many ways through this pandemic. An example of this is when one of our brokers started a Facebook group to promote small, locally-owned businesses and craftspeople. Members are able to promote their products, provide contact info, and share other’s posts. People can post in the group if they’re looking for anything specific and others can respond to encourage shopping local for Christmas this year. Our restaurants in town are able to promote their specials for take-out or some have made frozen meals to be cooked at home! The group already has 30% of Killarney’s population after only being active for 12 days. Anyone in our community who didn’t have an online presence, our staff offered free assistance in creating a Facebook page to help shoppers get in contact. Our brokerage also purchased gift cards from vendors around town to gift to Killarney’s school staff and educators to thank them for all their hard work through this difficult time.

Total Insurance Agency Inc.

Our local community in Tache has been supportive of the local businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and we wanted to find a way to give a something back. Our staff came up with a plan to support our local food bank and our customers responded generously! We put out a social media post inviting anyone wanting to donate non-perishable goods to drop them off at our office. The response was amazing, the space under the Christmas tree is now overflowing with boxes and cans of food as well as monetary donations to support the food bank. Robert Rivard with the Tache Food Bank will be stopping by tomorrow morning (December 10th) to pick everything up in time to fill a need this holiday season!

Total Insurance - Christmas 2020 Total Insurance - Winner Photo

Western Financial Group

Western Financial Group - Winner PhotoIt has been a different & sometimes difficult year. The pandemic has put a different kind of pressure on people and each with a share in the fear for the future as we see how it is changing. As we make progress and learn more about the virus, the fears may be fewer or the stress less, but things have changed and some of those changes have left some vulnerable. Community groups who service the most vulnerable in our communities have struggled to keep up as the need has become much greater with lost jobs, reduced hours for jobs, layoffs, no school etc. So it is up to each of us who can to step up and do what they can to help and that is how our Western branch feels.

United Way

Our community like many in the past held events to raise funds or dinners to feed those who need and many of these events have been cancelled this year. As a part of this great community of ours we strive to help and make our community better. The needs are different this year so we have been focusing on helping to ensure that others are taken care of. Our office wrote a cheque for $2000.00 to the United Way to help support the services they provide in our community. Then came news that the united way was stepping in to pick up some of the slack by doing the Christmas Hampers that Christmas Cheer would normally do but cannot this year. The employees voted and decided to use the some of the social fund to give to this great cause, so another $800.00 was given to help ensure the hampers could be done. 2 of our employees Earl Martin & Mark Tremaine also stepped up and each graciously donated $150.00 for hampers. Also our United Way Campaign this year raised over $1200.00.

Helping Hands

Helping hands supplies meals to the most vulnerable in our community and demand has gone up. When Covid came along they could no longer allow the crowds to come in to eat so they constructed a pick up window to be able to still help those that needed. I made a phone call to them to see what their needs were and was told that the costs had gone up a lot due to needing take out containers. So we made a donation to help them cover those costs.

Western Financial Group - Helping Hands Western Financial Group - Helping Hands Western Financial Group - Helping Hands

Coats for Kids

Pandemic or not winter still comes and so does the need to keep the little ones in warm clothing. They could not have a lot of volunteers for this event but it was important that it be done so myself and the Manager Lauren with masks on and social distancing went to help organize the coats and get them packaged to be sent out to various places to be distributed.

Everyone Eats Brandon

This is run by the John Howard Society in collaboration with our University and Food Matters Manitoba. This organization makes meals for delivery and pick up for all. It is a pay what you can meal program. Our community’s annual Westman Traditional Christmas dinner that provides a Christmas dinner to all for free to ensure no one is alone at Christmas and so those who cannot afford a Christmas dinner can have one, was cancelled this year and these folks stepped up to the plate to say they would do a Christmas dinner for pick up and delivery. Donations were needed to ensure those who need a free meal could get one. We gave money to them that would cover minimum 45 meals.

Women’s Resource Center

This organization usually holds a Gala to raise funds to support their works of good. They support women & children affected by violence. This year they are unable to do there Gala to fundraise for obvious reasons so this year it is called the Un Gala. No event, no meal but could you help and of course we saw the need to help them raise funds for their causes. We supported them with a cheque for $500.00.


YWCA holds a Keeping Spirits Bright Campaign to raise money and awareness for homelessness and domestic violence during the holiday season. This year it is virtual and we feel a very important cause to get behind so when they asked for help we felt compelled to give $1000.00 toward this cause.

Westman Dreams for Kids

Every year we choose a charity to support with our fundraising efforts for the year. This was the charity that we chose to support this year. When the plans for all the events that we would fundraise with (BBQ, Bake Sale etc.) were cancelled we were not sure what funds we could raise or how but whatever we raised would be helpful. As it ended we were able to still do our annual walk and raise funds with jeans day and many employees came through with donations to help make up for funds not raised through events.

Western Financial Group - Westman Dreams for Kids Western Financial Group - Westman Dreams for Kids Western Financial Group - Westman Dreams for Kids Western Financial Group - Westman Dreams for Kids

We were able to present them with a cheque for $3428.50, that was awesome.

Western Financial Group - Westman Dreams for Kids

Samaritan House/Coldest night of the year

A walk-a-thon that raises money for the homeless, hungry and hurting. Employees look after a rest stop for the walk-a-thon and give out hot chocolate.

A great cause that we also donated $1000.00 to. These pictures were in February, just before restrictions with Covid, things were just starting to happen around the world.

So far this year our office has given just shy of $11,000.00 to some organizations that have seen demand rise and cater to our most vulnerable, all very worthy causes and the people in our office have helped in areas where needed and stepped up with their own money to help support the community. We know this can help our community and the people in it and we continue to look at areas that are in need of help and will continue to give the help that we can because we live here and we are proud to live and work in this community.

Western Financial Group - Samaritan House Western Financial Group - Samaritan House Western Financial Group - Samaritan House Western Financial Group - Samaritan House

Lakeview Insurance Brokers

Lakeview Insurance - Winner PhotoLakeview Insurance is heavily involved in our communities in a number of ways. This year we are sponsoring a local sports team, supporting many charities, and have recently sponsored the Inner City Youth Alive, Youth For Christ, and Pro-Sports and Faith banquets.

Our newest and maybe most exciting initiative is through Variety Manitoba. Variety is a children’s charity that has a vision of being the premiere children’s charity in Manitoba that raises sustainable funds to provide help and hope to children of all abilities, one child at a time.

One of their biggest initiatives is the Everyday Hero program. This allows individuals or groups to donate on a monthly basis towards a child. These funds are then used towards a specific child to help pay for support, programs, therapy, rehab, etc. depending on their condition or disability.

Lakeview Insurance has signed up to be an Everyday Hero. Our monthly donation goes towards our sponsor child here in Winnipeg that is in need of financial support. We are helping cover the cost for their multiple therapy and rehab sessions. Due to the privacy agreement, I can’t go into too much detail on our specific child.

We collect money for our sponsor child twice a month. We usually tie this into a theme day here at the office. Staff and Management alike participate by dressing up in that theme. In order to “break dress code” for that day, a small donation is required. That donation is then pooled together, matched by Lakeview Insurance, and donated to Variety where it goes directly to help our sponsor child.

This is a brand new program for us at Lakeview and we are so excited to find a way to bring our staff together, have some fun, and do a lot of good for a kid who deserves it. In a year where it seems like there is lots of negativity in the world, this is one small thing we can do to be an everyday hero!

Savante Insurance

There are not befitting words in the English language to accurately relay the immense pride we have for our team and how they have added value during these unprecedented times!

  • Technology
    • Savante overhauled its technological infrastructure including, but not limited to, hardware and software solutions allowing our producers to work from home and access the network via secure VPN connection
    • Savante invested in a new telephony solution that allowed producer calls from the private phone to be routed through the main office line via an app and recordings preserved in our broker management system
    • Accommodated transaction requests from a distance via phone, text, email and curbside pick up
  • Communication
    • When a state of emergency was declared Savante compiled the implications of the same as it pertains to loss prevention, accounting and underwriting for each respective market and queried our database to provide targeted updates for mutual clients
  • Cohorts
    • Savante separated its team into three cohorts. One based strictly out of Steinbach and two more from our Winnipeg head office. Based on the employee’s preference owners accommodated their preference to work from home or the office with the caveat that if the customer facing team contracted COVID-19 the alternate cohort would staff the office whilst the former isolated or received a negative test result. This allows us to keep our doors open and continue to serve Manitobans
    • Twice a week before residential and commercial line meetings Savante teammates are invited to login early to work quietly in the presence of others or ask questions specific to files outside the meeting agenda; defending the psychology of the team when it is too easy to feel isolated!
    • To brighten the days during otherwise gloomy times ownership sends out a daily covid isolation song to staff from a themed playlist
  • Services
    • Added the issuance of marriage licences for couples having difficult accessing the same due to the closure of Vital Stats
  • Refunds
    • Savante cross referenced all mutual Intact clients and advocated for premium relief. To date nearly two dozen commercial files are receiving a 20% rebate from this community minded corporate citizen!
    • Danielle Tkachyk sits on the SGI and Wawanesa broker councils and advocated for procedures to handle bad debt on broker bill policies during the DOE (when insurers are legislated to not cancel for non-payment) to limit exposure of aged receivables by brokers
  • Masks
    • Implemented the wearing of masks (starting next week Savante employees will wear a festive version)
    • Installed decals on the entrance doors indicating it was mandatory for clients to do the same; disposable masks are provided to customers who do not have
    • Installed floor decals to define the interior private and public sections of the office for enforcement
  • Installed a touch fee hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Cleaning
    • Pens, POS, desktops and door pulls after each touch point
  • Savante invested in a fogger for daily sanitization of all common areas and workspaces (the same used in education institutions across the province)
  • Community Initiatives
    • In conjunction with SGI Canada Savante organized a community food drive in support of Centre Flavie (a local organization providing food and basic needs for immigrant families)
    • Savante nominated the emergency staff at the Bethesda Health Foundation for a Red River Mutual donation; results are pending and we intend to use the funds towards the purchase of a massage chair for front line workers
    • Did you know Savante has a soup fairy? She droves off homemade soups (prepared by one of our small business hospitality clients) for customers and family members recovering from COVID-19

ONE Insurance

ONE Insurance - Grow a RowONE Insurance Group – Denise Goletz

On behalf of The Berryland Garden Girls Team of One Insurance Selkirk Main we would like to enter the 12 Days of Giving Contest. I can honestly say each member of our team gives so much to the workplace, industry and the community. I would like to engage you in our story of how the Berryland Garden Girls Team came about and how we help our community not only through the Pandemic times but before, during and will continue after the pandemic departs&ellip;

Our Story

Once upon a time in the spring of 2020 the Pandemic hit and the industry had many adaptations. The workplaces and employees shifted and many employees worked from home full time and part time.

Times were unsettling and unknown with the looming virus. And then a wonderful Insurance Company called SGI sprouted a contest open to brokers in Manitoba to shift the gloominess into hope and ideas of how to work together to help those especially in need through the ongoing crisis. It was a contest called GROW A ROW for a registered charity. The premise was to enter solely or create a team and grow some produce for our local charities.

Well, it did not take as long to compose a team of gardeners whom would be happy to grow and donate veggies to our community of Selkirk. The team included Vina Burzuik, Heather Stefaniuk, Bev Fey, Aloisia Lastella and Denise Goletz. Our gardens range in sizes and produce and locations. Therefore, it allowed us a long growing season and produce was delivered and freshly picked, 2 times a week starting in June and the last pumpkins were delivered in late October. There are a few squashes slated for delivery next week.

ONE Insurance - Soup KitchenThe charity we chose to donate our produce to is the Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen Inc. in Selkirk Manitoba. We as a brokerage have donated money and we as employees have donated our time to volunteer at the soup kitchen cooking breakfasts several times per year. With COVID, times changed and the Soup Kitchen had to operate differently. No one was able to be inside and they offered pick up coffee, lunches in a bag and soups in containers for their clients. Not only did the 40-volunteer staff prepare 1000’s of meals daily to clients they also took on an additional 640/month of meals for the IEHRA essential workers in Selkirk. To give an idea of how this pandemic has hit the community of Selkirk the monthly meals served in Jan 2020 Feb 2020 and March 2020 were 1330-1414.

  • In April, the monthly meals served were 1466 plus 640 to IERHA;
  • In May, the monthly meals served were 1601 plus 640 to IERHA;
  • In June, the monthly meals served were 1640 plus 640 to IERHA;
  • In July, the monthly meals served were 1687 plus 640 to IERHA;
  • In August, the monthly meals served were 1662 plus 640 to IERHA;
  • In September, the monthly meals served were 1910 plus 704 to IERHA;
  • In October, the monthly meals served were 1914 plus 704 to IERHA.

ONE Insurance - Soup KitchenI do not have the November numbers but as the trend continues to increase it shows us, we still need to help.

We would love to win so we could contribute the prize to the Soup Kitchen.

We were blessed in SGI The Grow A Row contest to be the Grand Prize Winner and to have provided pounds and pounds of fresh produce from Denise’s Berryland Garden while the rest of the team provided as much as their gardens offered. We were able to win twice through the contest which provided Selkirk’s Soup Kitchen (Our Daily Bread) with $300.00 cash through our winnings!

Fast Insurance

Our office helped out this year by partnering with the “warm feet challenge”. We became a partner and also held a sock drive at the office. During the month of October we collected over 500 socks for the warm feet challenge. The socks were then collected and distributed among the local shelters in Winnipeg.

About 2020 Warm Feet

Fast Insurance - Warm FeetThe goal of this initiative is to be able to fill local homeless shelters with more socks than they will need for the 2020-2021 winter. Socks are one of the most crucial items in homeless shelters, and with the extreme Winnipeg temperatures during the winter, we can only imagine the need here is even greater. 2020 Warm Feet is organized by The Restall Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Learn More

BSI Insurance Brokers Ltd.

As you may already know, BSI Insurance gives back to our communities through our Because We Care initiative. Roughly $25 000 is donated to local causes each year. This year we decided to finish the year with a 12K’$ of Christmas giveaway, where we will be donating $1000 for 12 days to local causes. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic and we thought it would be a great way to give back and a fantastic way to end 2020. We are 4 days into the nomination process and we already have many submissions. We are looking forward to handing out $12,000 to local causes starting Dec 12th.

BSI Insurance - Winners

And finally, our 12K’$ of Christmas – https://www.bsimb.com/12K$ofChristmas.

BSI Insurance - 12K's of Christmas

Brio Insurance

Our brokerage here at Brio St. Mary’s sponsors Marlene Street Community Resource Centre ever year. It is a holiday party for under-privileged families. Annually around Christmas, we go to the party. Last year, we did the following:

  • Provided Santa Claus and pictures with him for the children;
  • Collected used clothing, toys, etc. and placed them on tables for families to take what they need;
  • Provided gift bags for the children with treats and toys;
  • Provided breakfast in the morning of the event.

This year, due to COVID, we are unable to attend or host the party. Instead, we bought around 100 gift bags for the families in need. Attached are the bags, which are being delivered this week for the families.

Brio Insurance - 100 Gift Bags Brio Insurance - 100 Gift Bags

Grand Prize Winner: Gill & Schmall Agencies!!

Congratulations to all of our winners and great job to everyone who gave back to their communities this year!

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