Commercial Insurance 101 & Beyond – Commercial Risk Assessment

2 General ICM CE Credits / 2 GICS CE Credits

Part of the Commercial 101 Series of Webinars.

Presenter: Melanie Needham, FCIP, CRM With over 20 years experience in the insurance industry and has held various different positions which allows Melanie to have a deep industry understanding. Melanie works with successful, values-driven entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizational leaders, helping them become even more effective.

Webinar Overview: Assessing a commercial risk is more than just what the business does. Your commercial clients rely on you to provide advice that is accurate and timely. The consequences of not identifying and analyzing risks an organization faces may be critical. Consider an insured that learns that a major loss is not covered. The broker/agent may be blamed for not advising the client to purchase appropriate insurance; the insurer is likely to bear the client’s anger and frustration; the adjuster will have to explain that there is no coverage and prepare for a legal battle.

We will discuss a full commercial risk assessment to assist with loss control, risk management, rating, and underwriting including:

  • Occupancy and associated hazards,
  • Building construction and exposures,
  • Internal protection systems such as fixed extinguishing systems and sprinkler systems,
  • Adequacy of public fire protection including hydrants and fire station response,
  • All-risk exposure information such as flood, water damage, earthquake, collapse, impact, explosion etc.

Event Details

Date November 2, 2021

Time 6/29/21 9:30 am – 6/29/21 11:45 am

Registration Fee $150.00 (GST Included)
(Lunch will be provided)

Melanie Needham, FCIP, CRM

Event Type Seminars & Webinars


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