Understanding Residential Plumbing and Electrical Systems

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing, a house is much more than just four walls and a roof: it’s an interactive system made up of many components including the plumbing and electrical distribution system. As a home ages, so do the plumbing and electrical systems. Many insurers will not provide or renew coverage on such properties unless these components are updated.

Program Objectives:

  • Learn about residential plumbing and electrical systems including galvanized plumbing; knob and tube wiring; and 60 amp electrical panels
  • Gain the knowledge needed to perform front line underwriting duties
  • Develop skills to help brokerage clients understand the personal safety benefits of updating these critical residential building components.

Event Details

Date April 10, 2018

Time 9:30 am – 11:45 pm

Registration Fee $125.00 (Members)
$150.00 (Non-Members)

Jo Anne Mitchell, CIP

Event Type Seminars & Webinars